This Diwali, show your love by buying Gaming gift vouchers for your near and dear!

It’s simple and convenient. You choose the name of the person and the denomination and make a payment at the store’s reception desk. We’ll have your gift certificate ready in no time!

You then gift the card to someone you think would enjoy Gaming-related stuff – buying game hardware/ software …or playing the latest, hottest games… OR BOTH!

When the person brings the card to our store, we’ll show him/ her a good time… GUARANTEED!

To find out more, write to us at or visit the store and contact the reception desk.

Remember… Self-love is good too! 🙂

Team Gamineazy
Welcome to the world of Gamineazy! We're striving to make gaming experiences easy, accessible and affordable for the masses. Join us on our journey as we help create wonderful memories for ourselves and our customers.

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