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Gamineazy Entertainment is proud to present The Gamineazy Gameathon, a new E-Sports platform that’s gonna rock the Corporate world!

The format:

We designed the Gamineazy Gameathon format keeping in mind the varied, and often unique, requirements of our clients for their Employee Engagement Programs and Team Outings. Companies are always on the lookout for new and exciting activities for their employees. What we offer is a easy-to-play selection of PlayStation games wherein teams get to play against each other in a Gaming Olympiad wherein teams compete against each other for the winning trophy. The selection of games and the focus on motion-gaming make the format appealing to gamers and non-gamers alike, also allowing the organization to engage a larger number of the participants at such activities, including women employees and senior managers who generally don’t get too involved.

While we knew in our minds that Casual Gaming would lend itself well to an office environment by bringing in much needed stress relief and a break from the routine, we also designed the Gameathon with another objective, to simulate work environments in a fun manner. Like in any work environment, each member contributes to his or her strength, which may be different, but necessary to carry the team to victory. It puts to test the team’s unity, leadership and proficiency to excel outside of their expertise and comfort zone. It is also a great format to engage and motivate Gen Y employees.

We understand there are no quick fix solutions for Organizational issues such as interpersonal conflict, diversity management or team issues. However, we have experienced that our Gameathon has definitely helped to enhance the level of camaraderie and cohesiveness among employees.

We discuss with the HR representative(s) from the organization and jointly select a range of games and experiences to be utilized for the program.The chosen games require varying skills to excel in: Strategy, Physical Fitness, console usage etc. No one needs to be a gaming expert to play them. They are easy to learn and play. The venue could be the office campus or any of the Sports-bars, sporting-arenas Gamineazy has partnered with in Bangalore.

Players get to choose team captains, team logos among an available set, create their own team anthems, etc, to enhance engagement. They even get to choose their own cheer teams. Based on the scale and interest, we could also provide teams with cheer gears: Pom Poms, flags, Team logo stickers etc.

On the Game Day, teams get to play out the tournaments across Gaming Consoles setup at the venue in knockout rounds. After initial rounds, semis and finals will be played out on the large projector screen especially installed for the event by us.

 Employees register in teams of 4 or 5 members (depending on the company size).  A person above 35 and a female employee are a must in any team. We allocate teams into two groups and conduct a knockout tournament between teams from each group. Every member must play at least one game round. We assign a score of X to the winner and Y to the runner-up for each game. A tally of all team members’ scores determines the team position in the tournament. The top 4 teams move on to the Semi finals of the tournament.

Here are some of the popular game choices:

Just Dance (Motion Game)


Sports Champions – Sword Fighting, Archery, Table-tennis (Motion Game)


Sports Champions 2 – Tennis, Boxing, Skiing (Motion Game)


Blur (Controller-based Racing Game)



Case-study: Nalaasha Solutions

At Nalashaa Solutions, the company was at a crux of a major change. Growing businesses have warranted lateral hires from different organizations. Being a relatively smaller company, the HR team was invested in ensuring that current and new employees were settling down quickly to the Organisation’s Culture. To this end, the HR team organized an offsite meet for the employees in a resort at the outskirts of Bangalore.  As a precursor, the company arranged for a Gameathon to build excitement within the teams.

The Gameathon saw employees interacting with each other outside of their stressful work, witness the competitive spirits that others showcased and participate as a team with a single goal in mind – Win The Gameathon. With the combination of men and women that was mandated in a team, the event worked wonders from the perspective of collaboration, offering people from different teams the opportunity to interact with others and also discover hidden talents (Just dance was definitely a surprise!!) and leadership potential. It was definitely a rocking start to their offsite!


“We invited Gamineazy to conduct a Gameathon for us with a lot of apprehension as to whether it would appeal to all our employees. We did wonder if the women would love gaming and if they would find it interesting to compete in games such as sword fighting and boxing. We were surprised to see the women dominating the games and giving the men a hard time. It was a super fun evening with adrenalin running high!I would recommend The Gamineazy Gameathon to other corporates if you want a fun day and see some crazy team action!”

Ms. Gayathri Anand, Director HR, Nalashaa Solutions

So how did we go about implementing a gaming tournament that actually appealed to two categories of employees who are really not known as the core TG for Gaming: Women and Older Employees?

The Answer lay in the format we chose to implement. We kept away from complicated controller based gaming. Racing games were easy enough. We focussed on short-burst of casual motion gaming, keeping the duration of each game short and sweet – 3-5 min. The games were of the kind anyone could pick up and play, requiring NO PRIOR gaming experience or expertise. Our priorities were the Fun element and Maximum engagement.

Conditions such as compulsory inclusion of one woman and one person above 35 years of age helped make the format more inclusive. Most importantly, we took the Gameathon to the office campus, a space where employees spend considerable amount of time with their peers, where they feel comfortable enough to let their guard down and be goofy for awhile! 14 4-member teams registered for the competition, with names ranging from The Avengers to The Bahadurs. A vast majority had never seen a PlayStation Console in their lives. They were excited by the novelty of it all!

Since collective score of all players determine winners of each round, we saw encouragement, cheering, negotiations and other interpersonal dramas unfold. We threw in twists along the way by introducing newer and tougher games in each progressive round. Teams were constantly on their toes, evolving, learning and adopting to newer games. People played to their full potential to win for the team… and have the time of their life!

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