Gamineazy VR for good.

Gamineazy’s Research team achieved a significant milestone this month when we organized a special Virtual Reality programme on 4th June, 2018 for the Padmashree School of Public Health,¬†involving both teachers and students. Using open-source software, Mr. Umashankar, the Principal of the school, gave a guided tour and lecture on the Human Body, while students watched and engaged with the content from their mobile phones, via Virtual Reality headsets provided by Gamineazy.

Due to the unique nature of the software, the ‘guide’ was able to use the app on his phone to draw attention to certain areas in the virtual space and explain specific concepts. He was also able to identify whether the ‘explorers’ were paying attention and focussing on the area being highlighted and guide the students accordingly. The level of immersion and the quality of visuals helped the students gain a fresh perspective on their course material and based on the feedback received, this medium of engagement and consumption of content allowed for more effective retention and recall. Of course, more tests would need to be carried out and Team Gamineazy would be working closely with the School’s management to determine how we could integrate Virtual Reality tech and content into the school’s curriculum and achieve the objectives set by the institution. But one thing was sure, the students loved it and wanted more…. and we at Gamineazy look forward to our next program.

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