Welcome to the world of Gamineazy

2020 is here! Ready for a Gamineazy Franchise?

A new year brings new exciting opportunities! There has never been a better time to start a new venture that is all about making people happy, socialize and have fun… over easy-to-play, casual gaming tech! A Gamineazy Franchise could help you do just that! Startup today! Create your own brand if you’d like to. We’ll help you along and get you started!
Welcome to the World of Gamineazy!
We are delighted to introduce our redesigned Gamineazy Franchise Consultancy and Support services geared for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as new small and medium scale business owners who wish to be part of the rapidly growing Indian Gaming and Entertainment industry. Take the first step toward start your own Family Entertainment Center (FEC) today!
Since 2011, Gamineazy has been striving to make Next-gen gaming easy, affordable and accessible. We would like to help you build your business the same way, making it easy, affordable… and profitable. Read on to know more about owning an operating a Gamineazy Franchise or setting up a Recreation Center under your own brand and have it powered by Gamineazy.
Our new models allow you to take the plunge and explore entrepreneurship in stages. Test the waters, analyse, assess and grow your business with our vast experience in the field of providing high-quality gaming entertainment to the community.

Gamineazy FEC – Engagement Models 2020
Please explore our website and social media channels (Facebook/ Instagram/ Youtube) to know more our brand. When you’re ready to take the plunge, please get in touch with us.
To start our interactions, we hope to know a little more about you. Here are a few standard questions we ask all our potential franchisees.
  • Please tell us a little about yourself.
  • What interests you about Gamineazy?
  • Budget for a franchise business (How much funds to you have/plan to allocate for the business?)
  • Timeframe to start business (in months)
  • Location planned for franchise (Mention City/ town/ Area. Also mention if the planned location is owned or if you plan to rent the area).
  • Do you have prior experience as a businessman/ Franchise-owner? If yes, please mention the brands and duration of engagement.
  • Please provide a contact number as well, in case we need to reach out to you for clarification.
Kindly provide this information when you write to us at franchise@gamineazy.com or when you use our Contact form (click below) on our website.
Team Gamineazy
Welcome to the world of Gamineazy! We're striving to make gaming experiences easy, accessible and affordable for the masses. Join us on our journey as we help create wonderful memories for ourselves and our customers.