Gamineazy Pre-order specials – 2013

Pre-order specials - Aug 2013 v2 - small

There are a LOT of amazing games being released in the coming months and you need to get selective about the kind of games you’re going to purchase, given the high costs of gaming software. We at Gamineazy have always been striving to make your gaming experiences easier on the pocket. There are two ways we can help you in this regard:

  • Save some cash when you pre-order your game. It will surely come in handy for your future purchases.
  • Save some cash when you register for our popular Game-trading platform called G.E.T.S.

Pre-order specials - Aug 2013 - Price list

The two modes of placing orders as of now are:
1. By visiting our store at the Gopalan Innovation Mall, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore.

2. By booking your order online through a 2-step process:

a. Place the order by making an NEFT payment to the following account with your name clearly mentioned in the comments/ remarks section of the transaction:

Name: Gamineazy Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Acct#: 14722560000989

IFSC Code: HDFC0001472


     b. Send an e-mail to the Gamineazy team at indicating your name, e-mail id, the transaction reference, payment amount and the item being pre-ordered.

Subsequently, when the item arrives in our store, we will contact you and let you know that the merchandise is ready for pick-up.

Disclaimer: Kindly note that this is a special pre-order offer being provided by Gamineazy with no assurance of pre-order bonuses like DLCs, which are subject to supply from our Game distributors in Karnataka and not in our control. Our past experiences indicate that small and large retailers in many cities of India face a common issue of not being able to deliver pre-order bonuses/ DLCs in a timely manner thanks to a poor distribution strategy by Game importers/ distributors in India. We at Gamineazy team are committed to deliver on any promise we make. If we are able to procure the relevant DLCs/ bonuses, we’ll be sure to pass them on to you… even if they reach us late. Trust us on this… We’ve had to do this on a few occasions in the past! 🙂

Please feel free to write to us at if you have any questions.

Gamin’Eazy Trading System (G.E.T.S.)

Gamineazy - Game Trading made easy!
Gamineazy – Game Trading made easy!

How it works

 Registration Form

Check out our growing collection of Trading games in a very special Facebook album!

 Membership Terms and Conditions

      • Fees: Onetime non-refundable registration cost of INR 1000 and quarterly membership of INR 500 (Subject to change). Registrations are currently being done at the Store reception of
        • The Gamineazy Store, Gopalan Innovation Mall, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore-76
        • Gamineazy, Grand Sigma Mall, Bangalore-52
      • Membership entitles you to exclusive access to the trade zones at every Gamineazy location.
      • G.E.T.S. Features:
        • Currently available platforms for trading are PSP and PS3.
        • Gamineazy Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. (GEPL) does not rent game disks for play or otherwise. We only provide a platform for game-discovery and trade by like-minded gamers in Bangalore.
        • The trade zone works on the principle that members bring their old game into the store and exchange the same for a used game of the same or similar value from the store. Note: The game selected has to be from the same platform (PSP, PS3) as the game brought in.
        • GEPL charges a small service fee towards the game exchange based on set criteria as defined by the management.
        • It is mandatory for members to have at least 1 trade per month. Failure to record a trade transaction once a month will automatically lead to loss of trading privileges. The quarterly membership fee will have to be paid again to resume trading.
        • While GEPL tries to maintain its used games in a very pristine condition and tests every game made available on the trading platform, GEPL will not be responsible for damages to the disk after the game-exchange. Members will be responsible for damaged disks.
        • GEPL reserves the right to accept/ reject games brought in by members either before or after the evaluation.
        • After a member hands over a game to the Gamineazy team for evaluation and the disk is accepted, the member has an obligation to complete the trade transaction. Please read the FAQ section for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you rent out games to play?
GEPL does not rent games to play. We only provide a platform for like minded gamers to exchange their games with each other via the Gamineazy trade platform. Gamineazy Entertainment charges a small fee towards providing this service for every game exchange.

2. Do I have to become a member to trade?
Yes. It is mandatory to become a member of the Gamineazy store to trade. Our Trading membership is different from our lounge membership which entitles you to a lot of other benefits like access to launch events, discounted purchases, discounted game play rates etc. Please refer to our member benefits section for all the details.

3. Under what circumstances would I lose my membership?
If you do not bring in any game for trade for 1 month – then by default you lose your membership status. If members are found attempting to game the system and/or manipulate/misuse membership privileges, their membership will be permanently revoked. The Gamineazy management decision will be final and binding on all such matters.

4. What happens if I need to trade after 1 day of losing the membership?
If you lose the membership (by 1 day or by more days), you have to re-activate your registration to become a member of our trade zone by paying the quarterly fees prevalent at that point of time. Gamineazy may send out reminders to renew membership or initiate game-trade, but this may not always be possible and we request our members to keep track of their trading timelines.

5. How are my games evaluated?
GEPL has a set of criteria for evaluating whether the game bought in by the member can be used in the trading zone. Based on existing similar games on the platform, game disc condition, game age etc, GEPL decides whether the game is a Standard Trading Game or a Premium Trading Game.

6. What is Standard Trading and Premium Trading?
Just like all its services, Gamineazy provides a Standard trading platform and a Premium trading platform.
In the standard platform – the gamers can exchange their standard games (evaluated by GEPL) with only standard games.
In the premium platform, gamers can exchange their games for either 1 premium game or 1 standard game.
Just as a rough example – most motion-based games would be standard games while most AA/ AAA titles released in the last 1 month would fall under the premium category. Note that some hard-to-find AAA titles would also be categorized as Premium despite being 2-3 years old.

7. What are the charges for standard and premium games?

Standard Zone – INR 200 per Game trade
Premium Zone – INR 400 per Game trade

Standard Zone – INR 150 per Game trade
Premium Zone – INR 300 per Game trade

8. Can I do instant-trade when I walk in?
In most situations, once you bring in your old game, we evaluate it right away and let you know what game you can trade. However if our store is having a busy period and our staff have their hands full, we may request a small waiting time.

9. Can I see your trade inventory online and exchange it online?
Currently GEPL does not have an online trading platform. We are working towards the same and it will be available to our members in a foreseeable future. For now, please connect with us on Facebook and view our exclusive photo albums highlighting games available for trade. Here’s the link, for ease of reference: G.E.T.S. Games

10. Can I reserve a trading game over the phone?
In order to be fair with all our members, we do not allow any blocking/booking/reservation over the phone for a trade. The trade in the zone will be purely based on First-Come-First-Serve basis. Note: You cannot trade until your game is fully evaluated by our team. GEPL will not be responsible if someone comes before you and takes the game from the zone while your game is being evaluated.

11. After evaluation, can I take my game back if I do not like the games in the trade platform or the exchange criteria (Standard V/S Premium)?
In most scenarios, GEPL will let you know the Standard v/s Premium criteria before evaluation. At this stage, before evaluation, you can take your game back. However once GEPL has spent time and energy to evaluate the condition of the disk and accepts it for trading, it is binding on the member to trade this. You can take this disk back by paying the same standard trading fee or premium trading fee.

12. Okay. I’ve understood all the above details. What next?
Visit your preferred Gamineazy trading location, submit valid ID proof and Address proof documents for verification, make the payment for registration/membership and we will have your membership activated for trading.

If you have any questions, please write to us at

 How it all started

A few months earlier, we had conducted a poll on Facebook to gauge interest among gamers in Bangalore for a Game-trading platform. Here are the results:

G.E.T.S. (Gamin’Eazy Trading System) was launched soon after this poll, as a pilot open to the FIRST HUNDRED registrants ONLY, on 1st April, 2013.  After seeing the great response from the community, we decided to open it up to the general public immediately after the three-month pilot.