Sony's PS4 Pro is now in India

Great news! PS4 Pro is now available in India!


Sony's PS4 Pro is now in India

After a long and patient wait by PlayStation fans in India, there’s finally some great news for us all! The powerful PlayStation 4 Pro Gaming console is now available for purchase in India… with warranty et al. Of course, one could argue that PS4 Pro consoles have been in the Indian Market for awhile now, but these have been through hazy/ gray channels and these are not always reliable, as some of you may have experienced along your journey as a gamer.

But NOW, you can put all your concerns to rest and relax, safe in the knowledge that buying a PS4 Pro console in India would come with peace of mind included – bill, guarantee and warranty … and if you’re lucky, you may just find yourself a good deal online by snagging one before stocks run out.

Or, as always, if you’re in Bangalore, you could just head to The Gamineazy Store for a chat with our experienced staff who could guide you on the best Starter package for you, along with a great set of 4K-ready games like FIFA18 or Horizon Zero Dawn to start you off when you “Go Pro” and get into 4K gaming and perhaps PSVR?! Indeed! Greatness awaits!

Here’s a REALLY good deal for you. Regardless of whether you buy the console directly from our store or purchase it online from our partners at Amazon: Sony PS4 Pro 1TB Console (Black), you will be entitled to getting your FIRST Game Rental FREE from our growing catalogue of amazing PS4 titles. See below:

Gamineazy – Home Rental Plans – 2016

Gamineazy - Rental - FB cover - small

The Gamineazy team is delighted to announce a range of very attractive Console Rental plans specially created for homes. Select a Home Rental package that suits your needs and book either by calling the store directly or using the Booking form below. Our staff will contact you to confirm the booking, verify the requirement and help you select the games for your enjoyment. One of our trained gaming associates will come to your home on the designated date to personally deliver the bundle in your home and install the gaming console for your home Television/ projector system.

Gamineazy Home Rentals – Day Plan

Gamineazy Rentals - Day plan


Gamineazy Home Rentals – Weekend Plan

Gamineazy - Rental plans - Weekend plan


Gamineazy Home Rentals – Week Plan

Gamineazy - Rental plans - Week plan

To become part of our growing family of happy customers, please submit the form below, confirm the details when our staff calls you and then keep the following ready when our staff visits your home for the delivery/ installation:

Mandatory requirements:

  • Original Photo ID (for ID verification) + 1 photocopy of the same for our records

  • Original Address Proof (for Address verification) + 1 photocopy of the same for our records. Note: The address HAS to be the same as the location to which the system is being delivered. In case of discrepancies, delays or inaccurate/ false/incomplete information, Gamineazy reserves the right to cancel the booking and return the equipment to the store.

  • Nominal Deposit in CASH: Rs. 2000/- (refundable to the customer after the rental period, if the pickup staff tests and verifies that the equipment/ games are in working order and not damaged).

  • Rental Plan amount (If not paid ONLINE. If it’s your first rental, there would be a CASH-BACK, depending on the chosen plan.)

General Terms and Conditions:

  • Please ensure that all the required paperwork is ready at the time of delivery of the system. If there are inordinate delays, Gamineazy reserves the right to cancel the booking and return the equipment to the store.

  • The period of Rental starts from the time the installation is complete. For eg. a Weekend Rental period for a console that is delivered and installed by 6:00 PM on FRI, 4th March, 2016 has to be ready for pickup by Gamineazy staff by 6:00 PM on SUN, 6th March, 2016.

  • As part of the setup, our gaming associate will give up to 30 minutes of demo on usage of the console and related accessories. Also, guidance and tips would be given on how to play the selected games so as to maximise your enjoyment of the Gamineazy console rental experience.

  • Rental customers are required to take due care of the equipment and maintain the units, controllers and games in a safe and hygienic environment. At the time of pickup of the equipment, if there is reason to believe that there is significant damage to any part of the rental bundle, the customer agrees to compensate Gamineazy to the extent of the damage, which may or may not be covered entirely by the nominal security deposit taken at the time of installation.

  • At the end of the rental period, rental customers are requested to ensure availability of someone at home to assist our staff to test the equipment and collect the same from the home. Delays or Non-availability of customers would constitute an extension of rental period, chargeable at the prevalent Daily Rental rates.

  • Customers requesting extension of the rental period can do so by informing the store in advance and making a payment either at the store reception or online via NEFT.

  • Additional Controllers/games are available as add-ons to the bundle on a chargeable basis.


Why Buy? Rent! Gamineazy Game Rental Plans

The Gamineazy team has always been striving to make your gaming experiences accessible, affordable and memorable, through a whole range of services that have evolved over a six-year journey! We have received great feedback on our Rental platform ever since we launched it a few months earlier… and we’ve distilled all the collective wisdom. Thank you all for the support and advice.

We are proud to re-launch the Gamineazy Rental Platform this festive season… and it’s bigger and better than ever before! There are 100+ games to choose from, including a growing range of PS4 titles.   


Refundable Security Deposit: Rs. 2000/-


If you do not have a Gaming Console system, no worries! You could easily rent PS3 or Xbox 360 consoles as part of our day, weekend and weekly plans. Please check out our blog post on Console Rental plans for more information. GAME ON!



Game rentals made easy!

You’ve been waiting a long time for this announcement…

Our Game Rental Platform is now LIVE!!!

Now engage in your favourite pastime at a fraction of the cost of purchasing games for your console. We’re eager to hear what you think of this latest addition to our service portfolio.

Game Rental Plan - 2015

Games available for rental

Note: This service is available now in our lounge/store in Gopalan Innovation Mall, Bangalore and includes only PS3/ Xbox360 games at the moment. We have plans to introduce PS2 and PS4 games onto this platform shortly. 

February Offers! Feel the love!

Valentine’s day is around the corner… and of course we’ll have the Valentine specials that folks have now come to expect from us! 🙂

And this time, we’re sharing the love a little more… Why should couples have all the fun? 😉

Here’s a lovingly hand-crafted sign (on display on Gamineazy store-fronts) indicating our ‘love’ly offers! Share the love!

Gamineazy - February offers - Feel the love!
Offer time! Feel the love!


Gamineazy FIFA 14 tournament

Let’s end the year with a bang, shall we?

Gamineazy presents its latest (fifth) edition of our popular PS3 FIFA tournaments…

Gamineazy FIFA 14 tournament

Date: 25th December, 2013

Time: 11:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Tournament type: Knockout
Tournament area: Standard zone / Gaming theater

Platform: PlayStation3


– This is a BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller) event. Bring your own DualShock 3 controller and register the unit at the time of reporting for the event. If you do not have one, a controller will be provided in the lounge. No complaints about the controller will be entertained.
– All matches will be One on One
– Team selection:
— Select from any of the International or Club teams available in the game.
— Selection of International and Club in the same match is allowed. For example: Brazil V/s Manchester United.
— If both players want the same team, the decision will be based on a coin-toss.
— Special/ Custom teams are not allowed.
– Half Length: 6 Mins
– Controls : Any
– Game Speed: Normal
– Defending: Tactical
– Level: Any. In case of a conflict, the decision will be based on a coin-toss.
– Passing Power Assistance : OFF
– Individual Marking: Unauthorized
– Winner moves to the next stage. In case of a tie the winner will be decided by a best-of-five penalty shoot-out
– At the end of each match, wait till the event organizers record the score/ result and disconnect the players’ controllers.
– Each player is responsible for safe-keeping of his/her game controller in between games.
– The decisions of the event organizers are final and binding.
– Unruly behaviour, disrupting the game-play or arguing with the event organizers will lead to immediate disqualification.

Ground floor, Opp. Cafe Coffee Day,
GRAND SIGMA MALL, Cunningham Road, Bangalore-52


The more the participation, the bigger the prize!

We’ll keep track of all the registrations that come in for the tournament. All the money goes into the tournament’s prize-pool. We’ll set aside some part of the prize money for our administration charges and share the rest among the winners as CASH!

I prize:
A CASH prize of value 30% of the pot money
+ 1 month FREE membership to our popular Game-trading platform (G.E.T.S.)

II prize:
A CASH prize of value 20% of the pot money
+ 1 month FREE membership to our popular Game-trading platform (G.E.T.S.)


o Registrations start: 4th December, 2013
o Registrations end: 24th December, 2013
o Registration fee: Rs. 200/ person
o SPOT Registration fee on the tournament date: Rs. 250/ person

Registration payments are currently accepted through three modes:
I. At the store’s front-desk

II.Via NEFT (details below):
Name: Gamineazy Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Acct#: 14722560000989
IFSC Code: HDFC0001472

III. Through our online events gateway:

If the payment is done online, please contact the Gamineazy team after your payment, by sending a PM on Facebook or e-mail at indicating the transaction reference, payment amount and the name, age, cell# and e-mail id for each of the participants being registered.

The semi-final matches and the finals of the tournament will be played in our Gaming theater , a 12′ x 10′ room with a large-screen (90”) projection display, lounge sofas and 4.1 channel surround sound audio.

Gaming theater @Sigma Mall
A view of our Gaming theater @Sigma Mall

Start a Gamineazy franchise in your home-town!

Partner with the Gamineazy team to start an amazing entertainment enterprise in your town/ city!

Gamineazy - Founders

Gamin’ Eazy Money System (G.E.M.S.)

Introducing a cool new currency to help you save money when you game @ Gamineazy…

Gamin’ Eazy Money System (G.E.M.S.)!!!

G.E.M.S. Currency Card - Front
G.E.M.S. Currency Card – Front
G.E.M.S. Currency Card - Back
G.E.M.S. Currency Card – Back
GEMS Rate card with Terms and Conditions
GEMS Rate card with Terms and Conditions


1. As mini-membership cards for gaming at discounted rates (the more you purchase, the less you pay!)

2. Gift cards (available for purchase at card-value)

3. Loyalty cards. Get these as Promotional discount cards for up to Rs. 1000 discounts when you shop @Gamineazy! For EVERY ITEM you purchase, you get Rs. 50 off. (Get a card FREE when you purchase any item worth Rs. 1000 or more from any Gamineazy store!)




Gamineazy Pre-order specials – 2013

Pre-order specials - Aug 2013 v2 - small

There are a LOT of amazing games being released in the coming months and you need to get selective about the kind of games you’re going to purchase, given the high costs of gaming software. We at Gamineazy have always been striving to make your gaming experiences easier on the pocket. There are two ways we can help you in this regard:

  • Save some cash when you pre-order your game. It will surely come in handy for your future purchases.
  • Save some cash when you register for our popular Game-trading platform called G.E.T.S.

Pre-order specials - Aug 2013 - Price list

The two modes of placing orders as of now are:
1. By visiting our store at the Gopalan Innovation Mall, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore.

2. By booking your order online through a 2-step process:

a. Place the order by making an NEFT payment to the following account with your name clearly mentioned in the comments/ remarks section of the transaction:

Name: Gamineazy Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Acct#: 14722560000989

IFSC Code: HDFC0001472


     b. Send an e-mail to the Gamineazy team at indicating your name, e-mail id, the transaction reference, payment amount and the item being pre-ordered.

Subsequently, when the item arrives in our store, we will contact you and let you know that the merchandise is ready for pick-up.

Disclaimer: Kindly note that this is a special pre-order offer being provided by Gamineazy with no assurance of pre-order bonuses like DLCs, which are subject to supply from our Game distributors in Karnataka and not in our control. Our past experiences indicate that small and large retailers in many cities of India face a common issue of not being able to deliver pre-order bonuses/ DLCs in a timely manner thanks to a poor distribution strategy by Game importers/ distributors in India. We at Gamineazy team are committed to deliver on any promise we make. If we are able to procure the relevant DLCs/ bonuses, we’ll be sure to pass them on to you… even if they reach us late. Trust us on this… We’ve had to do this on a few occasions in the past! 🙂

Please feel free to write to us at if you have any questions.