Team-building using VR

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.

Arthur C. Clarke: Author, futurist (1917-2008)

Virtual Reality is truly a Game-changer!

Through a recent Corporate Team building program that we organized for our client Anakage Technologies, we were able to bring out some amazing insights into team-work, communication, stress-management and decision-making within organizational teams. How?

Simple! We split the whole group of employees into teams of two and made each team play a specific VR game involving a ticking time-bomb that needed to be defused by effective communication under unfamiliar circumstances and insufficient information/ experience.

Team Building using Virtual Reality

There is only one thing stronger than all the armies of the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Victor Hugo: Author (1802-85)

For many years, we’ve been using Gaming tech to help bring people together, socialize and have fun, but the advancements in VR technology has motivated us to explore use-cases beyond gaming. After our pilot in the education sector last year involving a local medical college in Bangalore, the recent event helped to strengthen our conviction that there are meaningful use-cases for utilizing VR/AR tech to create/ curate/ engage users in impactful and delightful ways.

Please reach out to us if you’d like to know more on how we could help you integrate VR and/or other Gaming tech into your operations/ services or just plan some casual fun sessions that your teams would be delighted with and recall with fondness long after the event’s done.

Gamineazy Game Rental Plans

Gamineazy Console Rental Plans – 2018

Gamineazy Console Rental Plans – 2018

Gamineazy Console Rental Plans - 2018

The Gamineazy team is delighted to announce a range of very attractive Console Rental plans specially created for homes. Select a Home Rental package that suits your needs and book either by calling the store directly or writing to us at care @ gamineazy . com.

Gamineazy Console Rental Plan Details- 2018

Our staff will contact you to confirm the booking, verify the requirement and help you select the games for your enjoyment. One of our trained gaming associates will come to your home on the designated date to personally deliver the bundle in your home and install the gaming console for your home Television/ projector system.

To become part of our growing family of happy customers, please submit the form below, confirm the details when our staff calls you and then keep the following ready when our staff visits your home for the delivery/ installation:

Mandatory requirements:

  • Original Photo ID (for ID verification) + 1 photocopy of the same for our records

  • Original Address Proof (for Address verification) + 1 photocopy of the same for our records. Note: The address HAS to be the same as the location to which the system is being delivered. In case of discrepancies, delays or inaccurate/ false/incomplete information, Gamineazy reserves the right to cancel the booking and return the equipment to the store.

  • Security Deposit in CASH/ PAYTM (refundable to the customer within 48 hrs after the rental period, if the pickup staff tests and verifies that the equipment/ games are in working order and not damaged).

  • Rental Plan amount (If not paid ONLINE. If it’s your first rental, there would be a CASH-BACK, depending on the chosen plan.)

General Terms and Conditions:

  • Please ensure that all the required paperwork is ready at the time of delivery of the system. If there are inordinate delays, Gamineazy reserves the right to cancel the booking and return the equipment to the store.

  • The period of Rental starts from the time the installation is complete. For eg. a Weekend Rental period for a console that is delivered and installed by 12:00 PM on SAT, 4th August, 2018 has to be ready for pickup by Gamineazy staff by 12:00 PM on MON, 6th August, 2018.

  • As part of the setup, our gaming associate will give up to 30 minutes of demo on usage of the console and related accessories. Also, guidance and tips would be given on how to play the selected games so as to maximise your enjoyment of the Gamineazy console rental experience.

  • Rental customers are required to take due care of the equipment and maintain the units, controllers and games in a safe and hygienic environment. At the time of pickup of the equipment, if there is reason to believe that there is significant damage to any part of the rental bundle, the customer agrees to compensate Gamineazy to the extent of the damage, which may or may not be covered entirely by the nominal security deposit taken at the time of installation.

  • At the end of the rental period, rental customers are requested to ensure availability of someone at home to assist our staff to test the equipment and collect the same from the home. Delays or Non-availability of customers would constitute an extension of rental period, chargeable at the prevalent Daily Rental rates.

  • Customers requesting extension of the rental period can do so by informing the store in advance and making a payment either at the store reception or online via NEFT/ PAYTM.

  • Additional Controllers/games are available as add-ons to the bundle on a chargeable basis.

To know more about Gamineazy’s Game Rental Plans, please check out our blog post on the topic: Gamineazy Game Rental Plans.

Sony's PS4 Pro is now in India

Great news! PS4 Pro is now available in India!


Sony's PS4 Pro is now in India

After a long and patient wait by PlayStation fans in India, there’s finally some great news for us all! The powerful PlayStation 4 Pro Gaming console is now available for purchase in India… with warranty et al. Of course, one could argue that PS4 Pro consoles have been in the Indian Market for awhile now, but these have been through hazy/ gray channels and these are not always reliable, as some of you may have experienced along your journey as a gamer.

But NOW, you can put all your concerns to rest and relax, safe in the knowledge that buying a PS4 Pro console in India would come with peace of mind included – bill, guarantee and warranty … and if you’re lucky, you may just find yourself a good deal online by snagging one before stocks run out.

Or, as always, if you’re in Bangalore, you could just head to The Gamineazy Store for a chat with our experienced staff who could guide you on the best Starter package for you, along with a great set of 4K-ready games like FIFA18 or Horizon Zero Dawn to start you off when you “Go Pro” and get into 4K gaming and perhaps PSVR?! Indeed! Greatness awaits!

Here’s a REALLY good deal for you. Regardless of whether you buy the console directly from our store or purchase it online from our partners at Amazon: Sony PS4 Pro 1TB Console (Black), you will be entitled to getting your FIRST Game Rental FREE from our growing catalogue of amazing PS4 titles. See below:

Gamineazy Corporate Events


It has never been this easy to energize employees at corporate organizations, getting them to move, groove, socialize and have a great time!
Since 2012, Gamineazy’s Events team has been regularly coordinating high-tech gaming entertainment at Corporate events, either directly or through event-planners, as part of employee engagement, corporate programs or brand promotion activities across Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. What differentiates our programs from other recreational options is the high engagement that we see at Gamineazy’s Gaming Zones, thanks to the casual and easy-to-play nature of our experiences.

For Event/ Party planners:

If you represent a Corporate Event planner looking to plan an engagement for your client, please contact us today to help us understand the requirements better. Based on your inputs, we would be able to identify and curate experiences that would be just right for you. Our endeavour would be to maximize the fun and engagement while minimizing waiting times for visitors to our gaming zones.

For Corporates:

If you represent a corporate organization, please note that you don’t really need a reason to arrange an activity for your colleagues. It could simply be a friday fun-session or a large-scale engagement like an inter-department, inter-location esports contest. Moreover, you have flexible options to fund these activities.

Option #1: Sponsored activity:

We bring in sponsors who would be willing to pay for the services. In turn, they would receive an opportunity to engage with your employees and promote their brand and/or products/ services. Clients could be banks, builders, automotive companies, consumer brands or others.

Option #2: Paid Activity:

We would organize the corporate event within your campus without involving any sponsors, but as a paid activity. This would give you more flexibility to select the kind of Gamineazy Experiences (including premium Virtual Reality) that you would prefer for your employees’ enjoyment.
Here are a few images from some of the employee fun activities that Gamineazy organized for its clients and partners at corporate events over the years.

Who are we?

Gamineazy Entertainment ( is a multi-faceted Recreation Services Provider serving residential and corporate communities through lounges, events, recreation-facility management, rental and retail services. The company uses Gaming tech like consoles and virtual reality systems to enhance social engagement, with a strong focus on curating experiences that are casual, fun, inclusive and women-friendly.

To know more about Gamineazy’s Corporate services, please contact us TODAY!


Gamineazy Gameathon

Gamineazy Entertainment is proud to present The Gamineazy Gameathon, a new E-Sports platform that’s gonna rock the Corporate world!

The format:

We designed the Gamineazy Gameathon format keeping in mind the varied, and often unique, requirements of our clients for their Employee Engagement Programs and Team Outings. Companies are always on the lookout for new and exciting activities for their employees. What we offer is a easy-to-play selection of PlayStation games wherein teams get to play against each other in a Gaming Olympiad wherein teams compete against each other for the winning trophy. The selection of games and the focus on motion-gaming make the format appealing to gamers and non-gamers alike, also allowing the organization to engage a larger number of the participants at such activities, including women employees and senior managers who generally don’t get too involved.

While we knew in our minds that Casual Gaming would lend itself well to an office environment by bringing in much needed stress relief and a break from the routine, we also designed the Gameathon with another objective, to simulate work environments in a fun manner. Like in any work environment, each member contributes to his or her strength, which may be different, but necessary to carry the team to victory. It puts to test the team’s unity, leadership and proficiency to excel outside of their expertise and comfort zone. It is also a great format to engage and motivate Gen Y employees.

We understand there are no quick fix solutions for Organizational issues such as interpersonal conflict, diversity management or team issues. However, we have experienced that our Gameathon has definitely helped to enhance the level of camaraderie and cohesiveness among employees.

We discuss with the HR representative(s) from the organization and jointly select a range of games and experiences to be utilized for the program.The chosen games require varying skills to excel in: Strategy, Physical Fitness, console usage etc. No one needs to be a gaming expert to play them. They are easy to learn and play. The venue could be the office campus or any of the Sports-bars, sporting-arenas Gamineazy has partnered with in Bangalore.

Players get to choose team captains, team logos among an available set, create their own team anthems, etc, to enhance engagement. They even get to choose their own cheer teams. Based on the scale and interest, we could also provide teams with cheer gears: Pom Poms, flags, Team logo stickers etc.

On the Game Day, teams get to play out the tournaments across Gaming Consoles setup at the venue in knockout rounds. After initial rounds, semis and finals will be played out on the large projector screen especially installed for the event by us.

 Employees register in teams of 4 or 5 members (depending on the company size).  A person above 35 and a female employee are a must in any team. We allocate teams into two groups and conduct a knockout tournament between teams from each group. Every member must play at least one game round. We assign a score of X to the winner and Y to the runner-up for each game. A tally of all team members’ scores determines the team position in the tournament. The top 4 teams move on to the Semi finals of the tournament.

Here are some of the popular game choices:

Just Dance (Motion Game)


Sports Champions – Sword Fighting, Archery, Table-tennis (Motion Game)


Sports Champions 2 – Tennis, Boxing, Skiing (Motion Game)


Blur (Controller-based Racing Game)



Case-study: Nalaasha Solutions

At Nalashaa Solutions, the company was at a crux of a major change. Growing businesses have warranted lateral hires from different organizations. Being a relatively smaller company, the HR team was invested in ensuring that current and new employees were settling down quickly to the Organisation’s Culture. To this end, the HR team organized an offsite meet for the employees in a resort at the outskirts of Bangalore.  As a precursor, the company arranged for a Gameathon to build excitement within the teams.

The Gameathon saw employees interacting with each other outside of their stressful work, witness the competitive spirits that others showcased and participate as a team with a single goal in mind – Win The Gameathon. With the combination of men and women that was mandated in a team, the event worked wonders from the perspective of collaboration, offering people from different teams the opportunity to interact with others and also discover hidden talents (Just dance was definitely a surprise!!) and leadership potential. It was definitely a rocking start to their offsite!


“We invited Gamineazy to conduct a Gameathon for us with a lot of apprehension as to whether it would appeal to all our employees. We did wonder if the women would love gaming and if they would find it interesting to compete in games such as sword fighting and boxing. We were surprised to see the women dominating the games and giving the men a hard time. It was a super fun evening with adrenalin running high!I would recommend The Gamineazy Gameathon to other corporates if you want a fun day and see some crazy team action!”

Ms. Gayathri Anand, Director HR, Nalashaa Solutions

So how did we go about implementing a gaming tournament that actually appealed to two categories of employees who are really not known as the core TG for Gaming: Women and Older Employees?

The Answer lay in the format we chose to implement. We kept away from complicated controller based gaming. Racing games were easy enough. We focussed on short-burst of casual motion gaming, keeping the duration of each game short and sweet – 3-5 min. The games were of the kind anyone could pick up and play, requiring NO PRIOR gaming experience or expertise. Our priorities were the Fun element and Maximum engagement.

Conditions such as compulsory inclusion of one woman and one person above 35 years of age helped make the format more inclusive. Most importantly, we took the Gameathon to the office campus, a space where employees spend considerable amount of time with their peers, where they feel comfortable enough to let their guard down and be goofy for awhile! 14 4-member teams registered for the competition, with names ranging from The Avengers to The Bahadurs. A vast majority had never seen a PlayStation Console in their lives. They were excited by the novelty of it all!

Since collective score of all players determine winners of each round, we saw encouragement, cheering, negotiations and other interpersonal dramas unfold. We threw in twists along the way by introducing newer and tougher games in each progressive round. Teams were constantly on their toes, evolving, learning and adopting to newer games. People played to their full potential to win for the team… and have the time of their life!

Check out some of our past events:

Let’s Move Into The Action! Sign up today!

Why Buy? Rent! Gamineazy Game Rental Plans

The Gamineazy team has always been striving to make your gaming experiences accessible, affordable and memorable, through a whole range of services that have evolved over a six-year journey! We have received great feedback on our Rental platform ever since we launched it a few months earlier… and we’ve distilled all the collective wisdom. Thank you all for the support and advice.

We are proud to re-launch the Gamineazy Rental Platform this festive season… and it’s bigger and better than ever before! There are 100+ games to choose from, including a growing range of PS4 titles.   


Refundable Security Deposit: Rs. 2000/-


If you do not have a Gaming Console system, no worries! You could easily rent PS3 or Xbox 360 consoles as part of our day, weekend and weekly plans. Please check out our blog post on Console Rental plans for more information. GAME ON!



Game rentals made easy!

You’ve been waiting a long time for this announcement…

Our Game Rental Platform is now LIVE!!!

Now engage in your favourite pastime at a fraction of the cost of purchasing games for your console. We’re eager to hear what you think of this latest addition to our service portfolio.

Game Rental Plan - 2015

Games available for rental

Note: This service is available now in our lounge/store in Gopalan Innovation Mall, Bangalore and includes only PS3/ Xbox360 games at the moment. We have plans to introduce PS2 and PS4 games onto this platform shortly. 

Families that play together stay together!!!

Wanna play???

Parents are gradually starting to notice the benefits of video games today. Playing video games help families strengthen bonds and create better relationships between parents and their children. Most parents do not take the time to understand their kids’ gaming habits, and this leads to negative reactions to video gaming. Classic arcade games and sport games are ideal for families to play together and spend quality fun time with each other.

Video game play could easily be a point of family conversation instead of being a point of conflict. Games provide opportunities for families to work/play/think together to solve problems in a fun, interactive and more meaningful (at least to the children) ways. When parents allow their kids to ‘teach’ them the tricks and tips in gaming, this sharing experience creates a whole new dimension to ‘family bonding.’

At Gamineazy, we have been striving to make gaming social again. We encourage parents to play with their children so that they can enjoy good productive family time as well as loads of fun. We strongly believe that “families that play together stay together.” Gamineazy’s lounges provides a women and kids-friendly family environment with a warm, inviting ambience, offering a whole array of gaming experiences – Gaming Theater, 3D gaming, Racing cockpit, Motion/ Regular gaming, Dance and Karaoke. We definitely have ‘something for everyone’!

Gamineazy - Something for everyone
Gamineazy – Something for everyone

But if you cannot come to the lounge, no worries. We’ll bring the lounge to you. Through one of our special event services, we provide our high-end gaming stations for special celebrations/events in residences, apartment club-houses, etc. for a special birthday party celebration or maybe just a gaming marathon with friends and family. Gamineazy has various packages, which  include multiple units, multiple hours/days and a variety of experiences, customizable depending on the client’s requirements.

Apartment event - Birthdays
Apartment event – Birthdays

Apartment event - Christmas Celebration
Apartment event – Christmas celebrations

What are you waiting for? Get your game face on and challenge your friends and family for the ultimate gaming experience, Gamineazy-style. Book your event… Your place, your way, your time! 😀

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February Offers! Feel the love!

Valentine’s day is around the corner… and of course we’ll have the Valentine specials that folks have now come to expect from us! 🙂

And this time, we’re sharing the love a little more… Why should couples have all the fun? 😉

Here’s a lovingly hand-crafted sign (on display on Gamineazy store-fronts) indicating our ‘love’ly offers! Share the love!

Gamineazy - February offers - Feel the love!
Offer time! Feel the love!


Start a Gamineazy franchise in your home-town!

Partner with the Gamineazy team to start an amazing entertainment enterprise in your town/ city!

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