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You’ve been waiting a long time for this announcement…

Our Game Rental Platform is now LIVE!!!

Now engage in your favourite pastime at a fraction of the cost of purchasing games for your console. We’re eager to hear what you think of this latest addition to our service portfolio.

Game Rental Plan - 2015

Games available for rental

Note: This service is available now in our lounge/store in Gopalan Innovation Mall, Bangalore and includes only PS3/ Xbox360 games at the moment. We have plans to introduce PS2 and PS4 games onto this platform shortly. 

Are you addicted to Gaming?

Here’s a little fun quiz to figure out if you’re really addicted to gaming or if it’s just one of life’s great pleasures for you!



Gamineazy April-2015 FIFA15 Tournament

It’s FIFA tourney time @Gamineazy! Time to put your game shoes on and test your skills!!!


Gamineazy FIFA tournament

FIFA15 is the latest in the longest-running football video game series in the world and this summer we’re turning up the heat at Gamineazy as we hold one of the city’s most competitive Fifa 15 console gaming tournaments. So here’s a shout out to all you FIFA enthusiasts from every nook and corner of the city. Come down to your favourite gaming lounge and put your skills to the test against other gamers and play for cash, prizes and earn the ultimate bragging rights!
This month, the winner gets cash prizes as well as a Steelseries Siberia V1 headset. So what are you guys waiting for….? Get online and register NOW!!!


Registration details:

  • Registration fee: Rs. 300/-
  • Minimum participants: 32
  • Maximum participants: 64
  • Registration modes:
    • Online registration, through the Contest Registration form on our blog
    • Reception desk at any of Gamineazy’s stores in Bangalore: Store locator
    • SPOT registrations: Please complete your registration at the venue by 11:30 AM.

Rules and Regulations:

This is a PS3 FIFA 15 BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller) event. Bring your own DualShock 3 controller and register the unit at the time of reporting for the event. If you do not have one, a controller will be provided at the venue. No complaints about the controller will be entertained.

  • Tournament mode: One on One / Knockout
  • Team selection:
  • Select from any of the International or Club teams available in the game.
  • Selection of International and Club in the same match is allowed. For example: Brazil V/s Manchester United.
  • If both players want the same team, the decision will be based on a coin-toss.
  • Special/ Custom teams are not allowed.
    • Half Length: 5 Mins
    • Controls : Any
    • Game Speed: Normal
    • Defending: Tactical
    • Level: Any. In case of a conflict, the decision will be based on a coin-toss.
    • Passing Power Assistance : OFF
    • Individual Marking: Unauthorized
    • Winner moves to the next stage. In case of a tie the winner will be decided by a best-of-five penalty shoot-out.
    • At the end of each match, wait till the event organizers record the score/ result and disconnect the players’ controllers.
    • Each player is responsible for safe-keeping of his/her game controller in between games.
    • The decisions of the event organizers are final and binding.
    • Unruly behaviour, disrupting the game-play or arguing with the event organizers will lead to immediate disqualification.

Families that play together stay together!!!

Wanna play???

Parents are gradually starting to notice the benefits of video games today. Playing video games help families strengthen bonds and create better relationships between parents and their children. Most parents do not take the time to understand their kids’ gaming habits, and this leads to negative reactions to video gaming. Classic arcade games and sport games are ideal for families to play together and spend quality fun time with each other.

Video game play could easily be a point of family conversation instead of being a point of conflict. Games provide opportunities for families to work/play/think together to solve problems in a fun, interactive and more meaningful (at least to the children) ways. When parents allow their kids to ‘teach’ them the tricks and tips in gaming, this sharing experience creates a whole new dimension to ‘family bonding.’

At Gamineazy, we have been striving to make gaming social again. We encourage parents to play with their children so that they can enjoy good productive family time as well as loads of fun. We strongly believe that “families that play together stay together.” Gamineazy’s lounges provides a women and kids-friendly family environment with a warm, inviting ambience, offering a whole array of gaming experiences – Gaming Theater, 3D gaming, Racing cockpit, Motion/ Regular gaming, Dance and Karaoke. We definitely have ‘something for everyone’!

Gamineazy - Something for everyone
Gamineazy – Something for everyone

But if you cannot come to the lounge, no worries. We’ll bring the lounge to you. Through one of our special event services, we provide our high-end gaming stations for special celebrations/events in residences, apartment club-houses, etc. for a special birthday party celebration or maybe just a gaming marathon with friends and family. Gamineazy has various packages, which  include multiple units, multiple hours/days and a variety of experiences, customizable depending on the client’s requirements.

Apartment event - Birthdays
Apartment event – Birthdays
Apartment event - Christmas Celebration
Apartment event – Christmas celebrations

What are you waiting for? Get your game face on and challenge your friends and family for the ultimate gaming experience, Gamineazy-style. Book your event… Your place, your way, your time! 😀

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